While we want you to enjoy ice fountain indoor fireworks, we must urge that these are pyrotechnic products and must be used with care. The following guide applies to all of our indoor fireworks:

  • Do not hold the firework candle.
  • Our firework candle is to be used only under adult supervision.
  • The ice fountain tube remains hot after use.
  • Our indoor fireworks are for use in cakes, desserts, ice creams etc.; in well ventilated areas.
  • Do not use the firework candle near any flammable articles.
  • Do not touch the flame.
  • The firework candle can burn for up to fifty seconds; do not attempt to extinguish it during this time.
  • Before use, mount the ice fountain firmly into the dessert on a metal tray. Ensure the ice fountain is properly supported and will not fall over while lit.
  • Light the firework candle standing sideways and retire at least one metre.
  • Be aware that the ice fountain will emit showers of sparks.
We have had all of our products carefully tested for use around food. The contents of our firework candle conform to British & European Standards BS EN: 14035-15.

Fire safety for social occasions


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