Indoor Sparklers-Party Tips

Ice Fountain uks indoor sparklers make the ideal party accessory.  Also known as roman candles, our products make spectacular birthday sparklers and can be used in cakes. Our indoor sparklers are much safer than the other alternatives available on the market and have been thoroughly tested for use around food. (Conform to BS EN 14035-15). Below we have provided some tips to get the most from using indoor sparklers at your party.


Tip 1

Our Roman Candles are ideal for Wedding Cake decorations. Place them alongside your Wedding cake toppers and Wedding candles.

Tip 2

Remember to take some photographs of your cake decorated with birthday sparklers or roman candles. We suggest you set the camera to a non-automatic mode and use a high ISO setting, preferably with a tripod (or use a solid surface).

Tip 3

As well as our birthday sparklers, here are some other party accessories you might like to acquire: balloons, name cards, party hats, blowers, prizes, party bags, napkins, personalised banners and don't forget our refillable fountain lighters!

Tip 4

Prepare a 45 second "Happy Birthday" tape or CD. Dim the lights, play the tape and light the birthday sparklers. Make a dramatic entrance with your cake held high on a metal tray, displaying the roman candles to the entire room and at the end of 45 seconds, the tape stops, the birthday sparklers go out and the lights come on. - Simple, slick, spectacular and professional!


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