Firework candles are a high quality indoor pyrotechnic product used for parties, restaurants and nightclubs. When lit, they emit a bright shower of dazzling sparks that light up the room and create a party atmosphere.

  1. How long do these sparkling candles last for?
    Each ice fountain lasts for fifty seconds. Our product is consistent in terms of both quality and time.

  2. How safe are firework candles?
    The contents of our firework candles conform to British and European Standards: BS EN 14035-15. However, like any pyrotechnic product, caution is essential when using the candles. Not to be used unless under the supervision of an adult.

  3. Can sparkling candles be used around food?

  4. How much do firework candles cost?
    Our prices vary depending on the volume you order. The more sparkling candles you buy, the cheaper they become. See our pricing page for more details.

  5. How much is delivery?
    Our shipping is based on final cost - the more you buy the less we charge for shipping.

Please note that considerable savings are made on the delivery cost when purchasing more than one item. See our pricing page for more details.


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