About Us

The Home of Roman Candles and Table Fireworks
Icefountain.co.uk started off as a company selling all types of fireworks. We noticed that table fireworks were our bestselling product and so we gradually began to put more focus on roman candles and indoor firework sparklers. Our roman candles (in particular our table fireworks) became recognised as the leading product in the market and we built our business around this. Our customers were amazed by the quality of our products as well as our extremely low prices. Danmade's Table fireworks can provide the spark to light up any special occasion; birthdays, anniversaries, weddings etc. The list is endless! Firework sparklers are unique, safe and exciting.

Icefountain.co.uk's 15 years of experience have enabled us to develop roman candles that are stunning, high quality and fun for indoor use. All of our products have been strictly tested and classified with the Health & Safety Executive and conform to British & European standards: BS EN: 14035-15. Buy table fireworks today to light up your party.

So what now for Firework Sparklers?
It is likely that you have seen our roman candles at a local restaurant, perhaps at a nightclub or even in a party shop somewhere in the UK. Firework sparklers add that something extra to kick-start your party. Do not miss out on the exceptional experience that our table fireworks can offer your party. We have taken a great deal of time and effort in the past year to develop new roman candles that are that extra bit spectacular, consistent and outstanding for our customers. Click on the link to order roman candles today.


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